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About Us


History - How we started

Oak Grove Graphics has been designing websites & offering graphic design services professionally since 2007.

It all began when we needed a website for our rural business back in 2001 but couldn't find a designer creating the look we wanted at an affordable price. Being creative and having specific ideas on what we wanted led to the creation of our very first website using of all things Microsoft Publisher! We moved on from there to use many different options for designing websites, and built our skills learning all about web design from page layout to SEO (search engine optimisation) and everything in between.

Then in 2007 we launched Oak Grove Graphics as a full time business and have grown to now offer web and graphic design services for logo/flyer/business card/advertising design Australia wide to hundreds of clients.

The web design platform we use

In 2019 the WIX company contacted us and asked if we would like to become an Agency Partner with them, as they were expanding their web design platform to cater to the needs of professional designers. This was not a step we took lightly, as although we are not obliged to use WIX and we retain our autonomy, it would mean some big changes to the business.

We had been using WIX for some client sites on and off for several years prior to 2019 and had seen how the platform had grown. Moving across to the WIX platform has been the most exciting thing we have done since our start back in 2007, and has brought us something we hadn't even considered when we made the move - an amazing support team behind us, always available to consider our opinion, provide live chat and phone contact 24/7. They even request feedback meetings from time to time to further improve different aspects of the web design platform they are constantly growing to offer more features.

They are the most pro active and client focused company we have ever worked with. 

Oak Grove Graphics has advanced over the years to become a 5 Star Level top tier Agency Partner with WIX.


How this benefits you

Enterprise-grade security with every Wix site.

One of the important features of the WIX platform that we appreciate for our own business and for our clients is the high level of security they offer. WIX hosts all websites on it's platform in house - compared to many other platforms where the user has to be ever aware of keeping the software updated to stay secure. WIX takes care of all that, freeing up clients to concentrate on productive things like updating their website content to promote their business.

You can read more about WIX site security here

Superior infrastructure, designed for your success.

Wix is engineered for industry-leading resilience and limitless scalability, all fully-managed for you.

With 99.98% uptime, the platform empowers 220M+ businesses worldwide.

Worldwide CDN coverage

Your Wix site is served by four data centers across three continents, and is reinforced by over 200 CDN nodes, giving you global coverage even during regional outages.

Stay up, even if other sites go down with built-in automatic disaster recovery, your site monitors for unusual activity and will proactively reroute traffic in response to potential outages.

5738 Avg. world outages 
(six months)

4 Wix outages
(six months)

Your site uptime

Read more about WIX's superior infrastructure here 

Easy for you to use platform

The WIX platform offers ease of use for our clients to maintain their website after the site is handed over to them.

After receiving our 30+ minute training by phone/zoom/skype that we include with every website, our clients are loving how WIX is so easy for them to learn & have full control over their site editing. 

Here are some comments from our clients about using the WIX platform: 

The editor is extremely user friendly and updates can be seen 'live', with the click of a button. I recommend Oak Grove Graphics and the Wix Platform for those who want a no fuss, easy to use web platform - Nicki Hall, Artist

The web site design makes it simple for us to manage the web site and do updates easily.  - Angela, Gorge Chocolates 

WIX offers excellent support to their customers with inbuilt object specific help for every part of your web page design and support staff if you get stuck. Clients also have the backup option of retaining us to maintain their site for them full time or simply now and again - the best of both worlds.


 As Agency Partners with WIX we have 24/7 phone support from WIX Technical Experts to solve any issue our clients may encounter, so you always have us as a back up if you can't find an answer to your question via the normal WIX support options.

So what are you waiting for? Is it time to get a new website, or upgrade an old one, to a beautiful functional custom website on a  platform that boasts amazing security and one of the most user friendly platforms in web design?


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