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Web Site Makeovers


Here are some desktop screens shots of complete home page makeovers.
Click to enlarge & see a full page layout comparison.

This client breeds King Charles Cavalier Spaniels dogs & had a very dated website in another platform that did nothing to showcase her gorgeous puppies.

The new website is fresh and modern but still has charm using some simple grass pattern transitions, and is now a wonderful showcase for her breeding and promoting her puppy litters.

It has a home page banner slider to highlight different aspects of the dog breeding.

The site has a custom litter notification form and a page to highlight the parent dogs for each litter.

The site logo also had a makeover with a regal royal crown and handwritten style font.


The client needed a new look as their current website was outdated in bot style and layout.

The old site didn't use the page to promote the business and had a lot of blank space below the small amount of information provided on the home page.

The client wanted a rustic but modern look which we achieved by using wood textures, natural earthy colours and chose product images that continued that theme.

A torn paper style decorative transition between some sections of the page adds rustic appeal without being too fussy.

The new look site is fresh and easy to read.


This website had information displayed in a way that made it difficult for the viewer to take in.

The length of the pages was being under utilised with many of them being short as per the BEFORE screenshot.


We added a slider on the home page to promote the major points about the business and provide a space for the information to be prominent but not all in the same space at the one time.


The whole site style was updated with a more contemporary design and this being a pet minding business whose owner has a deep love of animals,  we used images to make the pets front & centre.


This makeover gave this website a whole new lease on life & utilises the important top of the page section with relevant slides to direct viewers to major areas of focus.

Using a softer colour palette based around the imagery of lotus flowers inspired by the existing logo, the site is lifted visually to better match the clients business services.

Using soft curved transitions between sections leads the eye down the page in a natural way.

The list of services is now more organic with the round images & no longer just a long list. The colours used throughout now match well with the logo colours without harsh contrast.


This site makeover gave the website better visual appeal through layout changes & a better use of the slide show banner.


The sections of the page were given a gentle curve transition to provide visual appeal, interspersing image backgrounds with plain colour in sections to create balance. 

Imagery used was relevant to the subject matter, & better organisation of the companies services & products made this home page much easier to navigate & discover information in a visually appealing way.